About Us

Active Humber is a charitable company whose purpose is to help people of all ages and backgrounds to improve their health and well-being by taking part in regular physical activity and sport.

Active Humber is also one of the 43 Active Partnerships located across England and as such receives funding from Sport England to carry out several functions to help achieve the Sport England strategy 'Towards an Active Nation' at a community level.


Across England, 39% of the population are not doing enough regular physical activity to ensure they enjoy good health and that figure rises to 44% across the Humber and well above 50% in the poorest of our communities.

Our vision for the Humber, is that it is a place where everyone, every day is physically active.

Based on the experience of public health campaigns like smoking cessation and the current low levels of physical activity rates across the Humber, that vision will be an immense challenge to achieve and likely to take many years to achieve.

We are driven to see the necessary changes needed and are determined to campaign and work tirelessly for the achievement of our vision, every step, pedal, run, jump, lift, stroke of the journey to be undertaken.

As the journey towards the vision will be a long one, Active Humber has set itself a three-year vision of what in April 2021 we would want to see in the Humber and it is;

In each of the 4 Local Authority areas of the Humber the participation rates for inactive people and underrepresented groups will have begun to improve year on year.


Our mission derives from 'Towards an Active Nation' and it is that;

To get the most inactive, active.

By achieving the mission, we will have moved towards our 2021 vision in that;

  • The physically active and sport participation rates for inactive people and underrepresented groups will have started to rise year on year in the Humber;
  • Active Humber will have successfully brought together a network of people, programmes and organisations to deliver those year-on-year increases in physical activity and sport participation rates;
  • Active Humber is regarded as a leading and innovative organisation driving the change to get the Humber physically active; and
  • Active Humber is regarded by Sport England and our partners as an exemplar County Sports Partnership, helping partners to effectively get the Humber active.

Our role is to

Influence, support and deliver to get more people physically active and we will be organised in doing that.

Influence – to make physical activity and sport happen in the Humber
Support – our partners in the delivery of their products and services
Deliver – our programmes in an effective and efficient way to get more people active
Organised – be a well-managed charitable company

Our values

  • Integrity – we will be honest, dependable and trustworthy and strive to apply this in our relationships with co-workers, partners and stakeholders.
  • Cooperation – we will work together as a team and with our partners with contagious enthusiasm for the achievement of our shared goals.
  • Excellence – We will be passionate about our work, creative in our execution and continually learning and improving the ways in which we work in pursuit of excellence.

Official Company Information

Active Humber Ltd are a Registered Charity number: 1155928 and a Company Limited by Guarantee (Reg. No. 08759196).

Our funding comes from several sources including significant funding from Sport England.